Organizations and individuals frequently turn to Insight to Action for executive-level coaching on leadership skills and long-term career management.

Leadership Development

Organizations seek executive coaching for their high performers to build their leadership skills and prepare them for future progression. To be competitive, businesses know they must groom leaders who can inspire the best efforts and ideas of their people. Today’s leaders require a complex skill set -such as the ability to influence others, with or without formal authority, motivate teams, and manage change.

As an executive coach, I work one-to-one with clients to address their particular leadership needs, and support them as they try out new behaviours on the job. They may be currently in an executive role, aspire to one in the future or simply want to more effective leaders in their own lives and careers. I use assessments and exercises to provide insight into strengths to leverage and identify skill gaps. Based on this information I support clients to establish clear goals and an action plan to achieve them, and provide feedback and support for their efforts. Both the client and the organization benefit as clients build their skills and effectiveness as leaders and prepare to take on new challenges.

Career Management

Individuals frequently seek executive coaching for support with career management. Outwardly they may be successful – moving from promotion to promotion. Then one day, they wake up and realize they no longer enjoy what they’re doing. Often these clients feel as though they’ve been on a treadmill – so busy keeping up with the demands of their current role that they’ve lost sight of where they’re headed.

Career management coaching looks beyond the challenge of the moment – and seeks to put a plan in place to look at the bigger picture and longer term. Just as an organization creates a strategic plan for future success, I coach clients to become clear about what they do really well, and to look for opportunities to build their career goals around these strengths. At the same time, I encourage them to be aware of their weaknesses, assess what they can realistically improve, and realize what they should avoid or delegate. Strategic career management also involves being aware of developments in the broader world that may impact their career future – and taking action to respond to these. This means being proactive – continually building their profile and their brand, developing new skills, and expanding their networks in areas of interest.

Retirement Careers

Insight to Action also works with accomplished executives looking for the next step. These are individuals who would like retirement-career coaching to plan how to fulfill life-long dreams or passions; apply their leadership to causes that are important to them, or give back to others through coaching and mentoring.

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