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Create the later-life career that’s right for you

Embed from Getty Images Most “boomers” (those between the ages of 53 and 71 in 2017) today are choosing to work up to or even past the traditional age of retirement.  Where “early retirement” was once a much sought after goal, it seems that the prospect of 25 years in a rocking chair –or on a sandy beach somewhere – has little appeal for a generation that expects to live a full 20 years longer than their parents. While many boomers opt to stay in their positions for as long as possible, a growing number are choosing to leave their…

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Changing careers isn’t for sissies, but it’s worth it!

There have been a number of articles that speak to the psychological barriers of changing careers – how easy it is to become defined by a job title and ignore feelings of discontent with your work rather than rather opening yourself up to new possibilities. And the truth is, the path to a more fulfilling career is rarely straightforward, unless you are lucky enough to be tapped on the shoulder by someone who hands you your ideal job on a platter. For most of those changing careers the real challenge is to figure out what they want to do instead.…

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What Pixar’s Inside Out can teach you about managing your emotions through job loss and career transition

Career transitions are challenging.  Whether you’ve lost your job or made a personal decision to change course, feelings of sadness at what you’ve left behind and fear at what lies ahead, are almost inevitable.   Your ability to manage these emotions will be the most factor in your success. For a really fun take on how to manage feelings of loss and change, go and see the new Pixar animated film Insight Out, created for kids but with some important lessons for adults.  The story revolves around 11 year old Riley who falls into depression when she suffers the shock of…

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