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Create the later-life career that’s right for you

Embed from Getty Images Most “boomers” (those between the ages of 53 and 71 in 2017) today are choosing to work up to or even past the traditional age of retirement.  Where “early retirement” was once a much sought after goal, it seems that the prospect of 25 years in a rocking chair –or on a sandy beach somewhere – has little appeal for a generation that expects to live a full 20 years longer than their parents. While many boomers opt to stay in their positions for as long as possible, a growing number are choosing to leave their…

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What to Do When Your Values and Your Job No Longer Align

We all know about the importance of organizational values. Chances are good that your organization has redefined its mission statement or vision once or twice. But what about your personal values? We work hard to uncover and disseminate our organizational values, but most of us don’t give the same attention to personal values – until something directly threatens or conflicts with them. As an employee, when you discover that your personal values do not align with your organization’s values, what should you do? How Do Values Become Misaligned? An employee may believe his or her values align with those of…

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Millennials And Values: A Generation Redefines What Matters

Co-authored by Carol Sachowski The Millennial Generation has a bad rap. You know the stereotypes: lazy, spoiled young adults who live with their parents. They’re only out for themselves, and they have no concept of loyalty. But are these stereotypes true? What do Millennials value? Since they’re a growing part of the workforce, employers need to set aside any preconceived notions and learn what motivates these potential employees. Unconventional Choices: What’s The Motivation? We recently met a Millennial woman who is just starting her career. Her education and expertise is in marketing and communications. She could have found a job…

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