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In my over 30 years as a career coach, executive coach and recruitment consultant, I have worked with countless clients to help them realize their goals.


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In the meantime, here is my advice on some common career challenges. 

What to Do When Work Stress Gets the Best of You

Career Mistakes People Make and How to Fix Them

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Client Reviews

The coaching process worked wonders for me. At a critical career juncture where I was faced with an important decision, Elaine helped me discern a path that aligns with my unique strengths and interests. Even more, I now feel more fully equipped for my leadership role. I was impressed by Elaine’s professionalism and found the whole process very worthwhile.

Teresa McGill | President
Gandy Associates English Communication Training

Elaine helps clients discover their true selves: personality and character traits, strengths and weaknesses, as well as goals and aspirations. She inspires a confidence and self-awareness that will forever change one’s attitude and approach towards the job search, career-building, and life in general.

Pete McGovern, Research Technician, Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory