People come to me for career coaching because they have a problem or challenge that they’ve been unable to resolve for themselves. While they seek help for different reasons what they have in common is anxiety – about where they are now in their careers, where their career is going, or about their well-being at work.

Career Planning

Sometimes clients come to me for help with career planning. They are seeking the best career path for themselves and recognize they need some help finding it. I use psychological assessments and resources to help clients learn about themselves. With this awareness I then guide them to research career options that will best fit their interests and abilities. Equipped with this information, clients can then evaluate their options, making sure that they choose a career that is realistic and viable in today’s world.

Job Search

Another important aspect of my work is job-search coaching. Clients may have lost their jobs through downsizing or restructuring, or, choose to leave their organization to advance their careers or because they are unhappy in their current role. Whatever the situation, I help them feel more confident and secure in their ability to market themselves successfully. Most important, I coach them to conduct an active job search by expanding their network within their target audience, rather than relying exclusively on online job postings.

Early-Career Strategies

Many clients come to me for help in their early career. They may be finishing high school or are in post-secondary, and are seeking guidance to explore future career options so they can make the right academic choices to prepare. Others are graduates entering the job market for the first time, or they are under-employed and floundering after a few false starts. I help these clients to identify a career goal that fits, and together we plan their strategy to achieve it.

Changing Careers

Clients also seek help for career change, which can happen at any stage. Sometimes the impetus for change is personal – the current path is no longer fulfilling, or it no longer meets their lifestyle needs. Sometimes the need for change is thrust upon them because of economic forces beyond their control that affect their job security and future plans. These clients seek career coaching in order to find a new path, explore retraining options, or learn how to market themselves in a new field.

Retirement Careers 

Most people are now living well beyond the conventional age of retirement. Increasingly Baby Boomers seek retirement-career coaching to help them explore their options and plan for the next phase. Many need to take on at least some paid work for practical reasons, but other motivations are often involved. Pursuing personal interests and passions, living a well-rounded life, and giving back to society may be as important to these clients as financial return.

Dealing with Stress

Regardless of age or career stage, work stress is a constant for many in today’s demanding and ever-changing workplace. Many clients seek coaching to help them set boundaries, manage professional relationships, or bounce back from a career disappointment. The opportunity to discuss their concerns with an objective professional helps them to regain confidence and perspective. I then coach clients to implement strategies to address their challenges, regain balance and become more resilient.


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