Career Change

Research indicates that you can expect to change career direction as many as seven times throughout the course of your career. Sometimes the desire to change comes from within – the position you have no longer offers meaning or challenge, or no longer fits with your lifestyle needs and circumstance. Sometimes the world changes around you – the work you do is no longer needed because of technological or economic changes that impact your job security and future plans.

Who should consider career-change coaching?

Insight to Action’s clients seeking support through career change have included:

  • individuals experiencing lack of fulfillment in their current roles
  • employees returning to the workforce after an absence, who realize their skills are no longer current or in demand
  • individuals whose jobs have been terminated or are at risk because of technological advances that affect how work is done, or due to industry displacement and downturns

How can career-change coaching help?

Career-change coaching provides:

  • assurance that your decisions are based on accurate information
  • the structure and support to ensure a more focused, successful and timely transition to the new career
  • peace of mind through a stressful life passage
  • satisfaction and fulfillment in work that you enjoy when you have achieved your new career goal

How does career-change coaching work? 

“I know I need to make a career change, but I’m not sure where to start.”

Insight to Action customizes a career assessment and coaching process to help you find a career path that fits, and is viable in today’s work environment. This includes:

  • reviewing the objectives and circumstances that have created the need for change
  • reviewing your professional and educational background, as well as significant volunteer/recreational pursuits
  • online, scientifically validated psychological assessments to provide insight into career interests, strengths and personality factors that determine career fit
  • self-reflection exercises to heighten your awareness of your skills, values, passions and future vision
  • support in exploring career options, providing links to online resources, helping you prepare for informational interviews, determining educational requirements, and researching salary data, industry trends
  • guidance through the decision-making process to discuss implications and alternatives, so you can make an informed career choice

“I already know what change I want to make, but I don’t know how to make it happen”.

If you’ve completed the career assessment and coaching process, or have already determined your new career goal, Insight to Action provides coaching and support to develop a transition strategy and action plan, then help you to implement your plan.

For example:

  • if your chosen path requires retraining, Insight to Action will provide guidance in investigating your program options to ensure you make the right choice for you.
  • if your goal is self-employment, we will help you assess whether this is the right path for you, and refer you to appropriate resources to support you on your way.
  • If your new career goal is one that does not require full-time retraining, we will support you to conduct a professional job search that will position you for the career change you want to make.

Job-Search Coaching for Career Change

How can job-search coaching help you to make a career change?

Marketing yourself for a job in a new field is far more challenging than continuing on the same path. You need to ensure that your job target is realistic in the market context, or if you should consider some retraining or a “bridging” position as a first step. Insight to Action can help you with these all-important decisions and put a job-search campaign in place covering these important elements:

  • development of a resume that highlights your transferable skills for the positions you are targeting
  • guidance in creating a LinkedIn profile that communicates your career-change goals
  • strategies to build your network and connections in the new field
  • support in preparing for and practicing for interviews
  • guidance in researching part-time professional development opportunities that may enhance your marketability
  • support to overcome discouragement, manage stress and stay focused on your goals through the emotional challenges of career transition.

How has career-change coaching helped others?


“When I first got in touch with Insight to Action, I was in a stagnant job with no hope for advancement. Although I had scattered interests, I wasn’t sure how to focus them and found it hard to zero in on a new career path. Insight to Action helped me identify my personality type and uncover my unique skill set.”

A 30-something university graduate, under-employed and lacking direction after 15 years in the workforce.


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