Job-Search Coaching

In today’s volatile job market, learning to market yourself effectively and conduct a professional job search is becoming a critical life skill. In fact, your career success depends as much on your ability to make your case to employers through the hiring process as on the quality of your work. The good news is that you can learn these skills. Doing so dramatically increases the speed, effectiveness and ease with which you will find your new position.

Insight to Action will work with you to develop a strategic and professional approach to searching for a job.  Together, we will help you develop your marketing strategy and action plan. We will help you write a resume that gets noticed; optimize your LinkedIn profile; prepare for interviews, and develop an active networking campaign.

Who can benefit from job-search coaching?

Insight to Action’s clients include:

  • individuals who feel unchallenged or stuck in their current role, and realize they need to look for a new opportunity if they wish to advance in their careers
  • young adults who are disappointed in their early-career progress, and may feel that they lack effective job-search skills
  • individuals whose positions have been terminated through organizational restructuring, industry downturns or displacement
  • those seeking a mid-career or later-career change, who need expert help finding and marketing themselves for a job in a new field.

How does job-search coaching help?

Whether you are breaking into the market for the first time, or already have a job and want to get a better one, job-search coaching means you will:

  • have training and support to keep you focused and engaged
  • complete your job search more quickly and easily
  • acquire critical job-search skills that will serve you throughout your life and career
  • experience increased peace of mind during this stressful life passage
  • have the satisfaction and fulfillment of finding the right job for you

The job-search coaching program

  • Self-discovery exercises to foster awareness of your strengths, achievements and other qualities that make you stand out. This awareness allows you to tell your “story” more effectively on a resume, and in networking conversations and interviews.
  • Support to mount an active, strategic and creative job search, including:
    • developing and refining your job-search strategy based on market intelligence
    • creating a resume that builds and enhances your brand
    • posting a great LinkedIn profile
    • learning how to prepare and conduct an active networking campaign that will build your profile and connect you with organizations of interest to you
    • learning how to prepare job-search correspondence
    • practising and preparing for interviews
    • guiding you through the negotiation and reference process
    • coaching through the emotional challenges of job search to help you stay focused, overcome discouragement and manage stress

How job-search coaching has helped others

“I wanted to say a big thank you for all of your help transitioning me through quite a challenging time in my life. I really felt aimless and overwhelmed with thoughts of what to do next, and working with you helped me feel like I was taking concrete, positive steps in the right direction. With your help I also developed a keener insight into what I bring to the table in terms of skills, an awareness of my weaknesses, and what I need from my work environment to thrive and feel happy. Also you’re encouragement and advice to never underestimate the power of “loose connections” and to reach out to others was what set things in motion for me, and ultimately the way I ended up finding my job. I’m hugely appreciative of all your support during a difficult time and thank you for everything.”

Danielle Abbatangelo, a university graduate seeking permanent employment in early career.

“Elaine provided career coaching services to me after I lost my job due to company reorganization. She helped me prepare my resume and coached me every step of the way through my initial job interviews. Her no-nonsense approach helped build my confidence so that I could answer any interview question with confidence. I would highly recommend Elaine as a supportive, career coach who has remarkable insight into what makes each person tick.”

S.M., Director of Communications in transition following organizational restructuring.


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