Work Stress: Balancing the personal and the professional

The new reality is that individuals, especially higher-income professionals and executives, are working longer hours than ever before and experiencing work stress. At all levels, there is more – and more intense – pressure to keep up with work, technology and industry developments. In a recent survey in the U.S., four out of 10 employees stated that their jobs are “very” or “extremely” stressful.

Meanwhile, the home dynamic is also changing. Some 68% of households are now dual income, and there are more single-parent families than ever. There also tends to be less support from far-flung, extended families than what was once common. As a result of these society-wide pressures, stress levels are soaring and lifestyles are greatly affected.

Who should consider stress management / work-life balance coaching?

Insight to Action provides coaching to help you create the work-life situation that “works” for you, based on your unique circumstances. Clients include:

  • individuals experiencing stressful circumstances – at home or work – that are compromising their ability to function effectively
  • professionals and executives who “want to have it all” but are uncertain how to make this work both professionally and personally

How will work-stress management coaching help you?

Coaching of this nature provides clients with a change in outlook that leads to becoming a better parent, better partner and better employee who also enjoys:

  • a clearer sense of priorities in the near and longer term
  • peace of mind that comes from living in alignment with values
  • increased energy, an improved sense of well-being and fewer stress-related health concerns

How does it work? 

The process includes:

  • initial consultation to assess fit, establish objectives, goals and timeframes, and to set the terms of the engagement
  • a series of assessment and exercises to reflect on personal values, priorities, trade-offs and options
  • one-to-one coaching and practice using stress-management strategies
  • referral to books, online tools and resources that provide information and strategies to achieve emotional well-being
  • customized learning assignments so you can practice your new skills, reflect on your learning and consolidate your insights

How has work-stress coaching helped others?

“Last year I was working in a job with little flexibility, had a punishing two hour commute and non-stop pressure from a micromanaging boss. I sought Elaine’s help to regain perspective. She helped me identify the ideal work conditions for me – and what to stay away from. She encouraged me to re-evaluate my priorities and did an assessment that showed I was well suited to self employment. After serious reflection, I decided to make the lifestyle changes that allowed me to leave my job and start my own business.”

A senior technology consultant who sought coaching to restore work life balance.


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