Elaine Sigurdson MA, CMC, CMF, PCC

As a career and executive coach and recruitment consultant for over 30 years I have worked with countless individual and corporate clients to help them realize their goals.

As an Executive Coach, I work with high potential leaders preparing for broader responsibility and future progression. As a Career Coach, I’ve helped countless individuals find career direction, land the right job, overcome uncertainty and re-launch their careers with renewed energy and confidence. As a Consultant I have helped organizations hire and promote the right people for key roles.

Contact me at esigurdson@insight2action.ca or at 905-842-6413.

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Career Coaching

I provide career coaching to help clients find their path, get a job that fits, overcome challenges and maximize their career potential.

Executive Coaching

I am a trusted partner to individuals and companies seeking executive coaching for leadership development and career management.

For Employers

I offer a variety of talent management services to organizations including leadership coaching, employee learning and development and career transition support.

In the News

Longtime columnist for the Globe and Mail, Harvey Schacter, had this to say about Elaine in his article, Tips From the Pros on How to Advance Your Career.

“Elaine Sigurdson stresses that the foundation of success is self-awareness. It’s a problem especially for young people making critical career and educational planning choices with no information about themselves or the world of work, and spending thousands of dollars floundering. She suggests it’s an important discipline to routinely ask yourself: Does what I am doing really play into what I’m best at and want to do – or am I being side-tracked by the appeal of the money or the status of the promotion?”

I didn’t pick this career out of a hat!

P.B. found his path as a Technical Writer after 15 years in the workforce, feeling underemployed and lacking direction.

“I take every opportunity I get to emphasize that I didn’t pick this career “out of a hat”, that I did my research and picked it because it fits who I am on a multitude of levels. Through one-on-one counseling and a number of self-assessment exercises, my aptitudes and skills were matched against career types by priority. This gave me the guidance I needed to research retraining options. I am now training towards a new career and have confidence that my chosen career fits who I am….It’s a whole different world, and I feel optimistic about the future.”


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