Talent Management for Employers

Insight to Action offers a range of services for employers to support their talent management practices  – ensuring that they select, develop and keep the right people to meet their performance objectives.  Talent management services include leadership coaching, selection consulting, employee learning and development and career transition support for exiting employees.

Leadership Development

Organizations frequently invest in leadership coaching for their high performers to prepare them for future advancement or support their success in a new leadership role. I use a variety of assessments and exercises in this work to help clients gain insight into strengths and create a plan of action to address skill gaps. Using this approach I have successfully coached leaders to obtain increased confidence, develop their soft skills, improve their communication skills, motivate and engage the team and so on. The development of leaders capable of bringing out the best in their people is the foundation of talent management in organizations.

Selection Consulting

Helping organizations select and promote the right people for key roles has been a continuing theme of my career. At times, I have been called upon to recommend an assessment tool that would integrate with the organization’s hiring process, enabling better predictions about who will work out in their culture. At other times, I have provided executive assessments of finalist candidates for senior positions, to provide insight into personality and motivational attributes that are such an important element of fit. I have also been engaged by small to medium sized organizations to develop selection criteria and an approach for evaluating management talent at start-up, or internal candidates for promotion. While each client situation is unique, I draw on my skills and experience analyzing people and consulting to organizations on best practice talent selection.

Learning and Development

Insight to Action provides learning and development workshops that incorporate psychological assessments to foster awareness of personal strengths, personality and emotional style attributes that play such an enormous role in how employees function at work. Participants receive feedback on their own style and approach, and learn how they differ from others. Through interactive exercises and discussion, participants learn how to apply this learning for both their own and the organization’s benefit.

Career Transition Services

Organizations seek out Insight to Action to provide expert guidance and support to terminated employees to help them make a successful transition to a new position following job loss. Emotional support is an important element of this service, as is expert advice on how to conduct a professional job search in today’s competitive market or, to relaunch their career in a new direction.

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Insight to Action also offers Executive Coaching and Career Coaching.