Career-Transition Services

Companies must sometimes make decisions that involve terminating employees. While these situations are never easy, organizations can greatly ease the individual trauma of job loss by ensuring that severances meet legal requirements, and that terminated employees receive the expert guidance and support they need to find new work as quickly as possible. Career-transition services can be a part of the support.

For some, losing a job is a total surprise. Typically, these clients need time to come to terms with what’s happened, and reflect on lessons learned. Others may be mentally prepared, but still need help orchestrating a professional job search in today’s competitive market. Others see their transition as an opportunity to change their career focus, and find what’s right for them at this stage in their life and work.

Insight to Action offers a range of services to support and guide clients to facilitate a successful transition following job loss.

Career-transition services are engaged by:

  • Organizations planning to terminate staff, and are seeking career-transition support to help former employees find new work
  • Employment lawyers looking for career transition referral sources for their organizational and individual clients
  • Individuals whose positions have been terminated, who are seeking expert guidance and support to facilitate their transition to the next phase

Benefits of career-transition services    

  • Clients receive the expert guidance and support required to make a successful transition with greater ease and in less time.
  • Clients have the emotional support they need to bring their best selves forward in their job search or career change.
  • Bitterness and negativity toward the organization are minimized when terminated employees receive strong career transition support to move on to the next phase.

How it works

Insight to Action’s career-transition clients receive one-to-one coaching, assessments, resources and guidance customized to their unique needs. Services include:

  • Support in dealing the emotional impact of job loss. Taking the time to process what’s happened enables clients to regain confidence and perspective prior to entering the market or making critical career choices.
  • The opportunity to reflect on who they are and what they want for the next phase. Clients complete psychological assessments and exercises that create awareness of their marketable strengths and skills, and areas for development.
  • Job-search coaching to develop a search strategy and action plan; create marketing tools (e.g., resume, LinkedIn profile); prepare and practice for interviews; conduct an active networking campaign; manage the reference process and negotiate the offer.
  • Career-change coaching for clients who wish to pursue a new path in the next phase. Clients receive support in implementing a career-change strategy which may involve retraining, preparing for self-employment or searching for a position in a new field.

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