Emotional Intelligence

In order to succeed in today’s high-pressure world, organizations must pay more attention than ever to the emotional and social skills of their employees, especially their leaders.

We now know that employees’ feelings play a critical role in how they perform. Generally speaking, a good mood leads to good work, while negative emotions – anger, anxiety, and discouragement – prevent employees from performing at their peak. Leaders who understand this pick up on how others feel, and know how to motivate and inspire in a positive way. That in a nutshell, means better results.

Progressive organizations are implementing programs to develop leaders capable of creating the positive workplace morale and culture that lead to high engagement and performance, and ultimately employee retention. Emotional intelligence assessment has become a vital tool in leadership development. It provides the opportunity for leaders – and all employees – to evaluate their own emotional-intelligence skills, and develop strategies to improve them.

When should organizations consider an emotional-intelligence workshop?

Insight to Action provides emotional-intelligence workshops for organizations that recognize the importance of developing the awareness and skills of their people in this important area. This training:

  • promotes awareness – of what emotional intelligence is and why it matters in the workplace
  • develops effective leaders capable of motivating and inspiring others
  • creates a positive and healthy morale and workplace culture
  • develops essential emotional-intelligence skills for leaders and their teams. These include self-awareness, self-management, empathy, listening skills, assertiveness, and the ability to give constructive feedback and deal with conflict

What are the benefits?

An emotional-intelligence workshop helps create:

  • greater awareness of emotional triggers
  • better self-control
  • stronger working relationships within the team, and between managers and their staff
  • improved performance and results when leaders and teams understand their emotional impact, and implement strategies that bring out the best in others

How does it work?

Insight to Action applies a five-step process to customize workshops for its clients.

Step 1: Initial consultation with the organization to establish objectives, and recommend an appropriate emotional-intelligence assessment and training solution

Step 2: Client consultation to tailor workshop exercises and case studies to  actual workplace challenges

Step 3: Online assessment of all participants prior to the workshop

Step 4: Workshop covers key concepts of emotional intelligence, awareness-building, feedback on assessment results, and opportunities to practice new skills

Step 5: One-to-one coaching session(s) provide participants with an opportunity to reflect on their personal emotional- intelligence strengths, and develop strategies to address challenges

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