Employee Workstyles   

Failure to appreciate the gifts and differences of others is one of the greatest sources of conflict in organizations. When leaders and team members expect others to think, act and feel just the way they do, they not only create unnecessary tension, but also lose out on the opportunity to engage their inherent strengths.

Insight to Action’s employee workstyles workshop provides a framework and common language for understanding one’s personal style and that of others. Insights derived enable participants to leverage this information for increased individual, team and organizational effectiveness.

Organizations consider employee workstyles workshops to:         

  • foster better working relationships within teams
  • better utilize the inherent strengths and preferences of employees
  • promote effective communication between managers and their employees

The benefits include:

  • improved teamwork
  • improved relationships between managers and their staff
  • better allocation of people to tasks
  • reduced conflict

How does it work? 

Insight to Action applies a five-step process to customize workshops for its clients.

Step 1: Initial consultation with the organization to explore challenges, establish objectives, and recommend an appropriate workshop solution

Step 2: Client consultation to customize workshop exercises and case studies to actual workplace challenges

Step 3:  Online assessment for each participant before the workshop

Step 4:  Workshop incorporates key concepts, interactive exercises to integrate assessment findings, explore implications for individual and team performance

Step 5: Follow-up coaching to reinforce the learning, develop strategies for increased collaboration and teamwork on the job

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