Strengths Awareness Training

We know from personal experience that when we are doing what we love and are best at, we are dramatically more effective and productive. Yet, research by Gallup suggests that only 17% of the workforce uses their strengths most of the day at work. This represents a huge source of lost opportunity for business owners and organizations of all sizes.

Unfortunately most people have little sense of their strengths and assume that everyone has the same talents as they do. Research by Gallup on over two million people over 25 years, has turned this notion on its head. It identified 34 talent themes which, when combined with effort, proved to be the primary drivers of exceptional performance in a wide variety of areas of endeavour.

This workshop provides the opportunity for employees to learn about their strengths and bring the power of strengths revolution to their role and organization. The workshop incorporates Gallup’s Strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment, which enables participants to identify their top 5 strengths and learn strategies to leverage them in their work and their lives.

When should organizations consider strengths awareness training? 

  • To develop employees’ awareness of their personal strengths
  • To promote engagement by encouraging staff to seek out work assignments that build on their strengths
  • To provide leaders with insight into the strengths of their employees, so they can make better decisions in allocating tasks on the team

What are the benefits?

  • Awareness of strengths enables employees to advocate for opportunities to use them.
  • Employees are happier, more engaged and more productive when they are able to do what they enjoy and are good at.
  • Happy and engaged employees are more likely to stay with the organization.

How does it work? 

Insight to Action applies a five-step process to customize workshops for its clients.

Step 1: Initial consultation with the organization to establish objectives and recommend an appropriate workshop solution

Step 2: Client consultation to customize workshop exercises and case studies to actual workplace challenges

Step 3:  Online assessment for each participant before the workshop

Step 4:  Workshop sets the context; incorporates group discussion and exercises to process assessment findings and explore opportunities to leverage them on the job.

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