Getting the right people in the right jobs may be the most important challenge an organization faces. Unfortunately, candidates who dazzle in the interview all too often fizzle on the job.  And the stakes are high. The cost of hiring just one employee has been estimated between 30-200% of annual salary depending on level of the position. And this doesn’t take into account the hidden costs of the hiring process, to say nothing of the lost opportunity and termination costs of a bad hire. Selection consulting can help employers make better hires.

Most often things go amiss when the hiring managers focus exclusively on credentials, to the exclusion of workstyle and motivational attributes that determine cultural fit. While they may understand the importance of these attributes, frequently they lack skills in designing interviews and probing skillfully with candidates to elicit information about them. And even the most experienced interviewers can make errors in judgement. It’s for this reason that many organizations today are adding assessment as an additional step in the hiring process, using scientifically validated tools that enable better predictions about who will work out in their culture.

Insight to Action provides expert guidance and support to help organizations get the right people in key roles and mitigate the risks of costly hiring mistakes.

Who should consider engaging Insight to Action for selection consulting?

  • Organizations that want to enhance their hiring process by introducing the right assessment solution for their needs
  • Organizations seeking executive assessment services to provide additional information on behavioural and motivational attributes of finalist(s) candidates for senior positions
  • Organizations who want to evaluate their hiring process as a whole and seek expert guidance and recommendations on “best practices”

What are the benefits?

  • Better prediction of high performers leads to increased productivity and results
  • Reduced risk of costly hiring mistakes

How does it work?

Insight to Action customizes their selection consulting approach to the needs of the organization.

Step 1: Initial consultation to learn about the organizations objectives, recommend an appropriate solution and plan steps to implementation

Step 2: Choice of the appropriate assessment tool for the position and organization

Step 3: Online assessment and /or in-depth interview with candidate (s) provides insight into fit to the culture of the organization

Step 4: Debrief with the hiring manager to discuss results of the assessment and implications for the selection decision

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